Welcome to Telemachus Wealth Resources

We work through a consistent fee based financial planning process with the end goal of verifying that our clients are on track to reach their stated goals, pointing out blind spots along the way, and offering specific recommendations to help improve future outcomes and mitigate risk.

We offer specialty and applicable accreditations in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Planning for a Family - We address retirement "what ifs?", aggregate portfolio asset allocation, risk management, college funding, employee benefit maximization, and multigenerational wealth transfer. - CFP
  • Business Succession Planning - We illustrate various retirement business succession plans equitably balancing active and passive family members as well as providing a non-auditable business valuation for buy-sell purposes. - CFBS
  • Special Needs Planning - Structuring asset transfers to avoid jeopardizing needs based government benefits and planning for long term support of a child are key areas of concern. - ChSNC
  • Institutional - Charity - 401k - Foundation asset management - We can be a resource and educate on cost and labor efficient alternatives. - MBA

View Our Customer Relationship Summary https://www.massmutual.com/efiles/mmlisi/pdfs/mi1327.pdf